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DOMETIC entrusts at PIME SPECIALIST COATINGS for the finish of his strong tills

28 September, 2018 |

Are a lot of years researching, surrounding us of the best partners and applying processes of production that guarantee the best finish and durability to reach offer at the best marks ended innovators, impactants and diversity at the gamma of colour.

At PIME Specialist Coatings, are specialists at the treatment of painting at dust applied at the strong tills, achieving of this form the excellent finishes that offer the products of Dometic.

Dometic, is a company that remains faithful at his stems since 1919, developing tirelessly intelligent solutions, and often, rewarded. This offers at his customers, among a lot of products, a gamma of strong tills that divide at three classes: Premium, Advanced and Standard. The three have exclusive designs and of big style with rounded corners and last tech, guaranteeing of this form a security at all the levels


For this project of coating at painting at dust for the strong tills of Dometic, PIME SpecialistCoatings utilised a painting poliester with texture and glitter to achieve a nice dispersación, excellent colour and durability


Have PIME Specialist Coatings to assure the excellence of the finish of his products. It request more information and our squad will be enchanted to study his necessities and offer the best

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