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Finishes 17 July 2019

The powder coating, the option of quality and without maintenance for the daily objects of our customers

Certification 5 June 2019

PIME Specialist Coatings obtains the C5-M certification. Maximum corrosion protection.

Process 4 June 2019

How is the production process with the powder paint?

Awards 11 October 2018

Two projects of the GlassPackaging brand have been awarded in international prizes

Industrial EN 28 September 2018

The coating at dust at the sector of the automobile

Dometic EN 28 September 2018

DOMETIC entrusts at PIME SPECIALIST COATINGS for the finish of his strong tills

Architecture 28 September 2018

Sustainability begins with the roof

Triumph 28 September 2018

TRIUMPH® systems, leader of the innovation and tech at security, entrusts at Pime Specialist Coatings

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